Redesign October 22nd, 2012 by UNLEASHED

StudyBlox Redesign

This redesign was actually apart of an in-house working interview. I had only completed roughly 20% of the design when I left the office that day, but felt compelled to finish it.

I tried to keep the corporate branding as integrated as possible with the sleek feel of the ‘blox’ and ‘stacks’. Each of these indicates knowledge or a collection of pieces which then make up a test, tutorial, or portion of knowledge.

I ended up turning the position down, but as a sign of good faith, I decided to continue on with the creative process and send it to the owners free of charge.

Old site can be seen here:

Fungus Man and Tombstone Ted. October 9th, 2012 by UNLEASHED

Fungus Person Character Study

Tombstone Ted

Fungus Man

Two nights ago, I had created a sketch of a small fungus person after being inspired by some of the work in Michael Heald’s portfolio. This character will fulfill a villager or NPC type within the game.

Tombstone Ted

I’ve dubbed this character ‘Tombstone Ted’. I’m not entirely sure what his function will be as of yet. I could see him becoming a minor baddy in a platformer or possibly a main character in a haunted house style adventure game!

Shadow of the Colossus UI Redesign August 30th, 2012 by UNLEASHED

Shadow of the Colossus UI Redesign

I’ve never liked the game interface from ©Sony’s Shadow of the Colossus, so I redesigned it. Quick note: Aside from some major UI design changes, the layout has remained intact.

The major problem I had with the previous version was the ‘pancake’ design of the grip meter. Its design took up too much space in a UI that needed to maximize as much visual space as possible. When the colossi start trying to shake you off, you need all of the camera space you can get. Trust me.

I decided to change the grip meter to a depletion based bar in order to create a more cohesive layout for the player UI. Health bar, grip bar, etc. This decision also compacted an otherwise space-eating design component by shrinking the overall height of the in-game information.

Lastly, I decided to forgo the invisible selection method of items with the d-pad and simply display a selected and de-selected option of items by using opacity. The contrast in active vs. inactive icons allows players glance quickly or peripherally identify which item they have selected without distracted them from their in-game experience. Again, shaking colossi are very distracting.

Please remember this is a design based on personal preference and that Shadow of the Colossus is ©Sony.

Dan Selleck – Illustration Redesign August 29th, 2012 by UNLEASHED

Dan Selleck - Illustration Redesign

Its not often that I post internal work. That being said, I felt the redesign of my illustration site ( solved numerous display problems for online portfolios as well as common usability issues.

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Megamind – AWS Internal Project August 27th, 2012 by UNLEASHED

Megamind - Internal Project

I was contacted by Amazon Web Services training department to create a brand for their internal knowledge base. The goal was to create a simple icon which combined the pre-existing branding standards of the logo and the culture of the hard working recruiting department.

The completed mark combines the existing brand standards and the spirit of the AWS training department: hard work, smart, and clean.

Dr. Robinson M.D., P.C. Mobile Website August 14th, 2012 by UNLEASHED

Dr Robinson M.D. P.C. Mobile Website

I was thrilled when Dr Robinson asked me to expand his digital marketing efforts to include a mobile website.

Early in the planning phases, I decided to forgo the traditional mdot sub-domain and integrated a mobile detection script with PHP into the pre-existing CMSMS platform instead. Using the detection script allows the website to ‘detect’ a new device and display the proper stylesheet. This technique has proved to help both myself and Dr. Robinson cut down on site maintenance, domain costs, and database monitoring.

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GTS Services Retail Web Application August 8th, 2012 by UNLEASHED

Recently I was asked to work with GTS Services on introducing HTML5 and CSS3 elements into their new web based retail application (SaaS). My primary responsibility was to consolidate much of the functionality from the previous VB application into a flexible and accessible web format. This was very exciting since I was responsible for not only how work-flow of the application but the entire visual and interactive development as well!

1. Primary Design & The Login Screen

LX Login Screen

The first step in the design process was to create a palette and design standards for the project. Since our team was creating an application designed to find glass and glass types, I knew the I wanted to keep the palette clear and lite. The login screen was the perfect testing ground for implementing various design standards into the project because of its high-visibility and simple layout.

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Eastside Wellness Center Site Redesign March 13th, 2012 by UNLEASHED

Eastside Wellness Center Site Redesign

The challenge for the Eastisde Wellness Center web redesign was a matter of warmth. I felt the previous design, while very practical, was too clinical. I hit the drawing board for a few days and began integrating various portions of the EWC branding standard into a new web template.

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Ignition Gear Illustration January 9th, 2012 by UNLEASHED

Ignition Gear

Illustration integration and typographical treatment created by Fish Marketing.

We love working with the gang from Fish Marketing. They’re projects are always interesting and their management of assets is always very thorough. Recently we were contacted to some ‘old sketchy realistic linework’ for a logo.

Even though this was the first time any of us had some anything so photo-realistic in a non-photo-realistic way, the project was finished and we loved the result so much that we thought we would share it with everyone!

Intel Video Portal December 15th, 2011 by UNLEASHED

Intel Video Portal Website Redesign November 4th, 2011 by UNLEASHED

Infinite Ammo Site Redesign

All visual assets and information within the layout are ©

Visit website.

Intel Keynote Storyboards October 28th, 2011 by UNLEASHED

Intel Keynote Storyboards

Intel Keynote Storyboards

This project was completed while under contract at CMD.

Dr. Michael Workman M.D., P.C. Powerpoint October 24th, 2011 by UNLEASHED

Dr Michael Workman M.D., P.C. Powerpoint

Dr. Lee Robinson M.D, P.C. Blog October 24th, 2011 by UNLEASHED

Dr Lee Robinson M.D., P.C. Blog

Tennis Kaddy Apple Icon Set October 20th, 2011 by UNLEASHED

Tennis Kaddy Icons

Kaleidoscope Logo October 4th, 2011 by UNLEASHED

Kaleidoscope Logo

This material is trademark Kaleidoscope™.

Portland State Magazine ‘Bad Boss’ Illustrations September 27th, 2011 by UNLEASHED

Portland State Bad Boss Illustrations

We had a great time working with Kathryn and Brett at the Portland State editorial office!

Dr. Robinson/Dr. Workman September 27th, 2011 by UNLEASHED

Dr Robinson/Dr Workman

Nike Manager Manifesto Illustrations September 26th, 2011 by UNLEASHED

The Creative Process

The Journey of Problem Solving Website Design September 26th, 2011 by UNLEASHED Website Design

The website design was done while under contract at Fish Marketing.

Bergstrom Nutrition Website Design September 26th, 2011 by UNLEASHED

Bergstrom Nutrition Website Design

The Bergstrom Nutrition website redesign was done while under contract at Fish Marketing.

Linear Title Card Design September 21st, 2011 by UNLEASHED


Dirty30 Title Card Design September 16th, 2011 by UNLEASHED

Dirty 30 Logo

CrossFit Dan Title Card Designs September 11th, 2011 by UNLEASHED

Morel Ink Website September 6th, 2011 by UNLEASHED

Morel Ink Website

Visit website.

Design for this site was created while under contract with Fish Marketing.

StrengthFIT Logo September 5th, 2011 by UNLEASHED


The Slag Logo August 31st, 2011 by UNLEASHED

The Slag

Basil Logo August 31st, 2011 by UNLEASHED

Basil Logo

ITEM Branding August 2nd, 2011 by UNLEASHED