RedesignMonday, October 22nd, 2012

StudyBlox Redesign

This redesign was actually apart of an in-house working interview. I had only completed roughly 20% of the design when I left the office that day, but felt compelled to finish it.

I tried to keep the corporate branding as integrated as possible with the sleek feel of the ‘blox’ and ‘stacks’. Each of these indicates knowledge or a collection of pieces which then make up a test, tutorial, or portion of knowledge.

I ended up turning the position down, but as a sign of good faith, I decided to continue on with the creative process and send it to the owners free of charge.

Old site can be seen here:

GTS Services Retail Web ApplicationWednesday, August 8th, 2012

Recently I was asked to work with GTS Services on introducing HTML5 and CSS3 elements into their new web based retail application (SaaS). My primary responsibility was to consolidate much of the functionality from the previous VB application into a flexible and accessible web format. This was very exciting since I was responsible for not only how work-flow of the application but the entire visual and interactive development as well!

1. Primary Design & The Login Screen

LX Login Screen

The first step in the design process was to create a palette and design standards for the project. Since our team was creating an application designed to find glass and glass types, I knew the I wanted to keep the palette clear and lite. The login screen was the perfect testing ground for implementing various design standards into the project because of its high-visibility and simple layout.